Area Codes in Germany :

German Area codes are between two and five digits long.
Each large city and small village has an area code,
There are about 13.000 area codes
The largest cities have two digits
  • 1 Mobile Numbers
  • 2 central Germany (most of Nord Rhine Westfalen, Mosel Area of Rheinland Pfalz)
  • 3 all States of former Eastern Germany (DDR)
  • 4 northern Germany, Hamburg, Bremeb, coast of Niedersachseb, Schleswig Holstein
  • 5 most of Niedersachsen including Hannover, northern Hessen, north east Nord Rhein Westfalen
  • 6 cental Germany, southern Heseen including Frankfurt, most of Rheinland Pfalz, Saarland
  • 7 south east Germany mostly Baden Wuerttemberg
  • 8 southern Bavaria including Munich. Also Toll free numbers
  • 9 northern Bavaria including Nuremberg

    four cities have a two digit area code
  • 30 Berlin
  • 40 Hamburg
  • 69 Frankfurt
  • 89 Munich

    These ate area codes of the main cities in Germany
    Aachen 241
    Arnsberg 2931

    Add a 0 if you cann from inside Germany
    Add +49 if you call from outside Germany

    Interesting to know
    After WW2 Germany got divided into East and West
    When the international Direct Dialing System was established in 1964
    West Germany got the country code +49
    East Germany the country code +37

    After German Reunification following the fall of the wall
    It was easy in 1993 to integrate the former East German into the West German Phone System.
    Even though reunification seamed most unlikely in the late 1960s
    when the German National Direct Dialing system became actif,
    an employe of Deutsche Bundespost,
    former PTT englobing Post Serices, Telekom and Posbank
    had blocked all numbers starting with 3
    (311 was the area code for West Berlin)