Faberge Museum

Faberge Museum
Sophienstraße 30
15 min walk from Brenners Park Hotel
76530 Baden Baden
+49 7221 970890
from inside Germany dial 07221 970890

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Faberge Museum in Baden Baden is a private inititive
to bring back to life the lost heritage of Imperial Russia.

The Museum opened in 2009
in the Spa town of Baden Baden which has always had links with Russia
and which is close to the French border.

The founder is Alexander Ivanov
a Russion entrepreneur who made his fortune trading computers

Peter Carl Faberge Peter Carl Faberger (1846 - 1920)
was a Russian jewler who made a multitude of Jewels for the Romanov family.
His most famous creations might be the Easter Eggs.
1918 the House of Fabergé was seized and destroyed by the Bolsheviks.
Faberge was able to escape Russia, first settling in Bad Homburg
before moving to Lausanne where he died of a broken heart caused by the Russian revolution.

His creations are disputed among many collectors,
some of them beeing reunited in the Baden Baden Faberge Museum

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Sky view on the Faberge Museum and Sophienstrassse

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