Liebieg Haus

Liebieg Haus
Liebieg Haus
Schaumankai 71
near Museum Giersch
60596 Frankfurt
+49 69 6050 98200
from inside Germany dial 069 6050 98200

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Liebieg Haus is a palatial, Historicist style Villa built in 1866 on the bank of th River Main.
The founder was Baron Heinrich von Liebieg (1839–1904) from Bohemia.
The Museum is specialized in skulptures.

Heinrich von Liebieg

Heinrich von Liebieg (1839–1904) left his villa to the city of Francfort under the condition to use it as a museum.
Similar style houses can be found in his home town Liberec, Czech Republic.

Adeline von Liebieg
Heinrich von Liebieg was the uncle of Theodor von Liebieg, friend of Car Benz
and the glamorous sisters Rizza von Liebieg and Adeline von Liebieg.
Adeline von Liebieg is the grandmother of the historian Milicent zu Solms
and her cousines Stephanie von Fuerstenberg and Isabelle Varnbuehler.