Siemens Showroom

Siemens Showroom
Siemens Showroom Expo
Siemens HQ
Wittelsbacher Platz 2
80333 Munich
+49 89 63600
from inside Germany dial 089 63600

Siemens Siemens Expo at Cremerie de Paris
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The Siemens showroom is a permanent exposition
around the history of the technology company
located inside the new Siemens Headquarters next to the Siemens Palais.

The showroom opened in 2016 in the new HQ built by Henning Larsen Architects.

The Siemens company initially based in Berlin
was founded by the inventor Werner von Siemens (1816 - 1892)

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Siemens Corporate Headquarters from Wittelsbacher Platz

Siemens Showroom seen from outside