Thurn & Taxis Museum

Thurn & Taxis Museum
Thrun & Taxis Museum
Emmeramsplatz 6
93047 Regensburg
+49 941 5048133
from inside Germany dial 0941 5048133
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Siemens Siemens Expo at Cremerie de Paris
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Omodea Tasso (1245 - 1309) started a currier service in the Alps of Italy

Franz von Taxis / Francesco de Tasso (1459 - 1517)
developed a postal organisation between Italy and Brussels.

Anselm Franz 2nd Prince of Thurn & Taxis (1681 - 1740)
based in Brussels started a new Thurn & Taxis Postal headquarter at the Frankfurt Thurn & Taxis Palace.
He was also in contact with Louis Leon Pajot (1678 - 1754)
who operated the Royal French Postal Services
from Cremerie de Paris / Hotel de Villeroy Bourbon for King Louis XIV.
It might be interesting to know that are edited from the exact same location
which has miracolously been preserved.

1748 The Thurn & Taxis family, based in Frankfurt settled in Regensburg
The Castle St Emmeran was given to the Thurn & Taxis family in 1812
in compensation of Postal Operations in Bavaria.

1867 The Thurn & Taxis Post was nationalised by the State of Prussia laying the grounds for German PTT.
Maximilian Karl 6th Prince of Thurn & Taxis was able to negociate a compensation payment of 3 million Thaler
which is considered to be far less than the real value of the Postal Company
but his stepdaughter Helene von Thurn & Taxis (sister of Sissi of Austria)
wisely reinvested the money into real estate.

Thurn & Taxis Museum opened in 1998 in the former Marstall of the St Emmeran castle.
The Museum shows 2200 pieces of art given to the State of Bavaria
in exchange of inheritage taxes and thus allowing the art collection to stay a

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Entrance to the Thurn & Taxis Castle near the Museum

Sky view of the Marstall Museum and the Thurn & Taxis Palace