Museum Giersch

Museum Giersch
Museum Giersch
Schaumainkai 83
60596 Frankfurt
+49 69 1382 1010
from inside Germany dial 069 13821 010

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Museum Giersch is a neoclassical villa built around 1910 on the banks of the Main River.
The Museum is a foundation of Karin and Carlo Giersch.
The couple made a fortune in the distribution of electronic components.
They decided to leave a foundation to promote the culture identity of the Rhine Main area.
more on the Giersch Foundation.

One of their projects was to study and reproduce the art collection of Heinrich von Liebieg
who left the nearby Liebieg Haus to the city of Frankfurt.
A friendship between Karin Giersch and Milicent zu Solms, historian and grand niece of Heinrich von Liebieg
might have contributed to the project.

Museum Giersch has shown different hi profile Expos
in relation to the history of Frankfurt.